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Opposition to War

Governmental and Political Opposition

: Diplomat John Kiesling's Resignation Letter

: Diplomat John H. Brown Resigns

: Diplomat Mary Wright's Resignation Letter

: Just War or a Just War? by Jimmy Carter

: Bipartisan Group of Former US Senators

: War Dissent In Congress, Capital Times

: Questions about the War by Rep. Ron Paul

: Missouri GOP Chairman's Resignation Letter

: City Council Resolutions Against A War

: NYC Council Approves Anti-War Resolution

Military and Intelligence Opposition

: Retired Gen. Wesley Clark

: Retired Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni

: Retired Gen. Merrill A. McPeak

: Retired Marine Gen. John J. Sheehan

: Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

: Commander Maj. Gen. Patrick Cordingley

: Former NSA Brent Scowcroft

: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

: NSC Official Rand Beer Resigns

: FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley's Letter

: Defeat Al-Qaeda First by Ken Pollack

: The Cordesman Memo, CounterPunch

: Col. David H. Hackworth

: Ten Reasons Why Many Gulf War Veterans Oppose Re-Invading Iraq, Alternet

: Military Voices of Dissent, BBC

: Members of the US Army Reserve

: Senior Military Officers Disagree with Operation Iraqi Freedom, Toronto Star

: Sp/4 Ghanim Khalil, Conscientious Objector

: Pvt Wilfredo Torres, Conscientious Objector

: Conscientious Objectors Growing, NYT

: Lance Cpl. Funk, Conscientious Objector

Americans Against the War

: Rally Shows Mainstream Opposition to War, Village Voice

: Middle America Against the War, CSM

: A Small Town in Wisconsin, Capital Times

: 9/11 Victims' Kin Protest in Iraq, Guardian

: Thousands Rally at Anti-war Gathering, SF Gate

: A Republican Dissent on Iraq, WSJ ad

: Rock-ribbed Republicans and Anti-war, Salon

: Nobel Winners Oppose War against Iraq, SJMN

: Labor's 'No' to War, Village Voice

: Mainline Churches Opposed, Evangelicals Ambivalent, WP

Iraqi Opposition Groups

: Overview of Iraqi Opposition Groups

: Iraqi Opposition Against Invasion, Independent

: Dawa Opposes Bush's War, Guardian

: Iraqi Left Opposes War, LA Weekly

: Shia Group Opposes US Rule, Reuters

: After Saddam by Kanan Makiya

: Pre-war Voices: as reported by Nicholas Kristof amd MEP Caroline Lucas

Iraqi Exiles Against War

: Letter to Blair from 160 Exiles, Guardian

: Iraqis Will Not be Pawns by Kamil Mahdi

: Bombs Will Deepen Iraq's Nightmare by Haifa Zangana

: Statement by Iraqi-American Student by Rana Abdul-Aziz

: You Should Have Known We'd Fight by Burhan al-Chalabi

: Use Politics, Not War by Faleh Jabbar

: Oppose War and Indict Saddam by Sermid Al-Sarraf

: Guardian Round-up: Maysoon Pachachi, Salah Awad, Jabbar Hasan, Dr Salih Ibrahim, Amani, Nuri Jacob, Nadia Mahmoud

: Metro Iraqis' Hearts Torn by Threat of War, Detroit News

: Iraq Native Views War Differently, FWS

: Thousands of Iraqis Head Home to Fight Against US, USA Today

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..:: Anti-War Rallies

Click a thumbnail to see the full photograph, or view the photographs as a slideshow.

..:: 22 March, 2003

..:: 15 February, 2003

Some photos courtesy of Jay Smooth.